Geothermal Business Solutions
Useful Links


MIT Study "The Future of Geothermal Energy":

U.S. Department of Energy (Geothermal Energy Technical Site):

U.S. Department of Energy (Geothermal Technologies Program)

U.S. Department of Energy (GeoPowering the West)

Sandia National Laboratories (Geothermal Research Department)

Energy Quest - California Energy Commission

Energy Information Administration
GeoHeat Center (Low Temperature Uses of Geothermal Water and Heat):

International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (Geothermal Heat Pumps):

International Geothermal Association

Geothermal Resources Council (Geothermal Industry Association):

Geothermal Energy Association (Industry Trade Association):

Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium

California Department of Conservation, Department of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources:

California Energy Commission (Geothermal Energy):

Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Energy Technologies (CREST):

Southern Methodist University (Geothermal Lab)

Underwater Voyage to Puna Ridge

U.S. Geological Survey (plate tectonics)
World Bank Group (general info)


Drilling & Instrumentation Research:
David Glowka, Sandia National Laboratory

Exploration Research
Paul Kasameyer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Reservoir & Exploration Research
Marcelo Lippmann, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Exploration & Reservoir Research
Joel Renner, Idaho National Engineering Laboratory


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