Geothermal Business Solutions
Company Experience

Black Mountain Technology offers access to experts in all aspects of geothermal energy development. From planning a resource exploration and assessment strategy to drilling everything from gradient wells to deep, large diameter production wells, to testing the reservoir, modeling, developing economics and long term reservoir management our staff of experienced consultants are familiar with both tried and true and new and emerging technologies. We have associates with specialties in conversion technology and in geology and geophysics, as well as capabilities in GIS technology to present the data available about your field graphically. We use PETRASIM software with TOUGH2 for reservoir modeling to help you manage your reservoir. Our in-house developed resource assessment statistics package gives you a look at the risks associated with developing your resource and allows you to determine the value of obtaining further information. Because we are involved with the development of DOE research strategies and policy assessment tools, we are in touch with the latest technology improvements to help your company make the best use of resources, both human and geothermal.

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