Geothermal Business Solutions

Consultant Profiles


Susan Petty
Ms. Petty has over 25 years experience in the geothermal industry in electrical and direct use project economics, optimizing of power plants to meet resource conditions, reservoir evaluation, reservoir modeling, well, plant and wellfield performance data analysis, well testing and test data analysis. She has also assisted in negotiation of geothermal lease agreements, power sales agreements, geothermal project financing agreements and geothermal property sales and purchases. Ms. Petty has done work on geothermal electrical generation projects in Nevada at Steamboat, Dixie Valley, Rye Patch, Soda Lake, Fallon, Desert Peak, Brady Hot springs and direct use projects at Brady, Elko and Moana. In California she has worked on the Coso, Salton Sea, East Mesa, Heber, Brawley, Wendell-Amedee, Mt. Lassen and Medicine Lake resources. She has worked on geothermal projects overseas in Indonesia, the Philippines and Central America. For a number of years, Ms. Petty assisted the Department of Energy in performing policy studies for geothermal energy research including economic modeling of geothermal pricing and the impact of technology improvement on the cost of geothermal power. She performed a signature study still in use today of the potential cost of geothermal power supply from projects across the western U.S.

Bill Livesay
Over thirty-five years experience in all aspects of the drilling engineering for oil, gas and geothermal resources. Experienced in the design of equipment and the technology of drilling gained through consulting as drilling engineer, builder and researcher of equipment, development of instrumentation and technical operations development.

Joe LaFleur
Provides geological and hydrological consultation to the public and the geothermal industry.  Conducts resource evaluations based on existing data.  Conducts exploration and data acquisition.  Performs geologic mapping, geochemical sampling surveys, aerial photography and remote sensing interpretation.  Contracts geophysical surveys.  Selects drill sites, power plant locations and access road routing.  Oversees drilling projects.  Provides leasing recommendations and development strategies.

Provides technical support for environmental impact assessments and permit applications.  Interfaces with regulatory agency personnel.  Provides public address and informational talks.


Dennis Trexler
BS--Geology, University of Southern California, 1965
MS--Geology, University of Southern California, 1968
Post Graduate Courses:  Remote Sensing, 1968; Advanced Geology of Nevada, 1971; Groundwater Geology, 1973; Earthquake Engineering, 1973; Personnel Management, 1981

Nevada:  Certified Environmental Manager, EM-1297 (since 1993)
California:  Registered Geologist, No. 2382 (since 1967)


Matthew Clyne
Matthew is educated in the computer sciences and is taking his technical knowledge and applying it to the world of geothermal energy. He helps with cost modeling, database engineering, data acquisition, data conversion, systems automation, and Graphical Information Systems.



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